Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Over the Fear

Last year The Phi was scared of Santa. She did not want to go near the guy. One night last year we spotted Santa hanging out with some firemen in a parking lot and The Phi refused to get out of the car. Instead we did a Santa "Drive-by". Santa came up to the car and handed The Phi a candy cane through the window.

This year she understands that Santa is the man who brings the presents. He is the one who needs to hear her list if she has any chance of getting what she wants. So as we waited in line to see Santa she had to giver herself a little pep talk. She had to talk herself out of the fear.

She got over her fear so much that when we saw that same Santa with the same firemen this year she asked to stop. So we did and she went right up and hopped onto his lap to remind him that she wanted a Leapster 2. He asked if she wanted anything else and she said no. She has somehow concluded that Santa only brings you one thing.

I won't correct her. I will let her be super extra stoked on Christmas morning when there are a few gifts from Santa.

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  1. screw santa, i would have taken pictures with the firemen!


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