Sunday, December 13, 2009


When PR Dad picked out The Phi's name we disgreed on how to spell it.
I wanted to spell it "Sofia", the Spanish way. He thought "Sophia"
looked more feminine. Since I left the name up to him we went with the
"ph". Well The Phi has known how to spell her name since last summer
and at school she is learning all the letter sounds so yesterday she
showed me a drawing she did and at the top she had written her name.
Except she wrote "Sofphia". I asked her way she spelled it like that
and she said "Listen to my name Mom So-F- ia." she gave a major
emphasis on the "F". I told her to talk to her Father about that.


  1. Oh that girl is going to be trouble in a few more years. That's like me asking Matty to pass me a cup and he said no mom that's a glass, see? It's a g-l-a-s-s mom. I also made the mistake of calling a pair of sweats pants. Maybe she'll understand when she learns the "PH" sound and how important it will be when she's older,can't spell phone without the "ph"

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    OMG!, she is a smart little cookie. Way to go "Phi" or should I say "Fi" lol

    Luv u, Tia Mary

    lots of picos for you


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