Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Fish were moved

So last night I had the task of getting The Phi's 2 gallon fish tank from her bedroom to my office. See my office mate is going to feed them while we are gone. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned the tank and when PR Dad got home we started the move. This move was going to require a car trip. Yes a full fish tank in a car.

"Why not take the water out and put the fish in a Ziploc and fill it back up when you get to the office?"

Well for two reasons. 1) these fish have been with us for a long time now and I believe that it is the room temperature Sparkletts water that has kept them here so long and 2) well what fun would that be?

So I put some saran warp over the top of the tank and slowly carried it to the car. I sat in the passenger seat and sat the tank on my lap. 2 gallons of water on your lap is heavy and I could feel the edges of the bottom on the tank digging into my thigh. Fortunately it is only a 4 minute ride, unfortunately PR Dad was driving and when behind the wheel believes it is his right to be driving faster than everyone around him.

We made it down the first street no problem, even made the turn onto the main drag with no spillage. Then the pot holes and small bumps started and so did the water running over. By the time we had made the last turn into my office parking lot I looked as if I had peed my pants.

Now it could have been WAY worse. Like the whole seat of the car could have ended up soaking wet. Instead just my crotch area was wet.

The fish are now safely in my office, but acting very strangely. The 3 of them have congregated to the back of the tank and seems to be staring at something. They haven't moved from that spot all day. But then again I don't usually see them during the day, so this could be completely normal middle of the day behavior for them.

I just hope they appreciate the lengths I have gone to insure that while we are off having fun on vacation, they can continue to eat and thrive and live. Are goldfish known to be grateful beings?

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  1. Do you remember Big Pun? He was my beta fish in SB. Well when I moved I wanted to bring him so he rode in the car in a "big juan" cup from Taco Time in the cup holder the whole way from SB to Seattle. He was my bud. Your fishy will appreciate least The Phi will. :)


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