Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mimosa Pudica

We are in Santa Barbara and as I waited for my sister to finish packing so we can watch a movie I wandered into my Dads office to put up a blog post. On the corner of his desk he has this potted plant. The last time I was here my sister was telling me how this plant will "wilt" when touched. When I walked in today the plant was open and the leaves were green and standing tall. So I touched one of the leaves with my finger and the leaf closed in on itself and wilted. Like that, like right in front of my eyes!

Apparently my Pops is not an evil plant scientist. Because really in my mind that was the only reason for a self wilting then come back to life plant.

After a quick u-google-y search I found that this plant is called Mimosa Pudica and is commonly known as The Sensitive Plant". I also learned that it comes from South and Central America. I also learned that its only usage is as a novelty gift often commercialized as the TickleMe plant.

You really do learn something new everyday.

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  1. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I love the TickleMe Plant. I just ordered the TickleMe Plant Party favors for my sons Birthday party from
    It's so much more fun then growing a lima bean!


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