Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Welcome back welcome back welcome back

So on Sunday The Phi and I went to a family baby shower and the bonus was that we got to pick up Roo! He had been at my parents house recovering from surgery. It was so good to see that little guy. It had been about 2 weeks.

The whole ride home The Phi watched her Snoopy movie and she explained the whole movie to him. She would ask him "Isn't this funny Root?" (she calls him Root). Then when we got home she wanted him to sleep on a pillow on the floor of her room. (He didn't stay there of course).

The next day we took him to the groomers, and then brought him back home, and took him on our walk. She held his leash the whole time. When we got home after her bath, she brushed his fur. This morning she wanted to take him to work. This afternoon she refused to take a nap unless Roo laid down with her.

I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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  1. we miss you and your freak outs Roo! see you tomorrow


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