Friday, June 12, 2009

Her other side of the family

Family. We are all about family. I grew up in the same little town that my Mom and Dad grew up in. Which meant that all my Moms siblings and my Dads sibling pretty much lived near by. Despite this we spent much more time with my Mom's side of the family then we did with my Dad's. As a result I have lost touched with my cousins on my Dad's side and have remained extremely close with my Mom's side.

Keeping an extended family as large as both my Mom and Dad's families are is tough and I think that my Mom's side is just better at it. It is easy to let your everyday life keep you away from everyone but my mom's side has people like my Nina Ruth, and my cousin Patty who put events together so that we stay connected all the time.

Now PR Dad and I live a good driving distance away from both of our families. And The Phi is super lucky in that she has almost all her great-grandparents living. I found that because my side of the family has kids The Phi's age and more parties and events etc... we are starting to develop a pattern where we spend more time with my side. I want The Phi to get to spend as much time as she can with both sides. I mean family is a blessing and with the size of The Phi's extended family she is blessed like crazy. And each and every family member has something unique to offer The Phi. It takes a village people!

Recently PR Dad's Grandmother was visiting from Florida and his Aunt had a small BBQ at her house. Complete with good food and even better margaritas! Just PR Dad, The Phi, Me, Aunt Tawny, Uncle David, Great Grandma Iris, and Grandma Kim. No other kids there but none the less The Phi had a good time.

Tawny and David are such a great couple with tons of interests and hobbies. Just one of their many passions is animals and they have a backyard fit for the birds. They have feeders hanging and The Phi and I saw lots of beautiful birds.

The Phi and Daddy enjoyed some time in the water.

You know how sometimes you take a picture of your little kid and you can see what they are going to look like as adults. This is one of those picture.

The Phi and Aunt Tawny making a jungle scene in a book.
I really appreciate how PR Dad's Aunt really makes an effort to be a part of The Phi's life.

4 Generations.
(I don't know why The Phi looks so evil here!)

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  1. I grew up the same way,only we spent more time with my Dad's side than my mom's. That changed after my dad passed away,then his family pretty much ditched us. I have so much wonderful familia on my mom's side that my sis and I don't miss the other half.
    Thank you for the wonderful comments you left me.
    Have a fabulous weekend!


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