Monday, May 04, 2009

A God Send

So the other day my windows xp decided that it hated me and just stopped working. One little app went missing somewhere and suddenly I was computer-less. It was a very scary and unsettling time. All and I mean ALL my photos were on that computer.I didn't have them backed up on an external hard drive, or on disks. I know I know I am a complete idiot but thank GOD Uncle Matty is a complete and utter computer nerd because when he looked at my computer he just shrugged and said "i can fix that no problem" and I was like "ahhh pictures ahh all ahhhhh gone!!!" and he just shrugged again and said, "you won't lose anything". And he fixed my computer and I did not lose anything. Uncle Matty is a freakin Rock Star.


  1. I hope you went out and bought a stash of blank disc's to put your pictures on. Your pictures are too beautiful to be eaten by the Windows monster.

  2. dont u have ur pics on flickr?

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    One word: Seagate Free Agent Go External drive.... no worries... or was that 8 words! ;]


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