Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy B-day on Cinco De Mayo Flippie

You know when you hear of those grandparents who are raising their grand kids because their own kids could not take care of them? Well my parents are those grandparents, except it is not our child that they are raising, it's our dog.

See before The Phi was born, (or conceived) we had just bought a house with a big backyard and lots of space. We had our dog Roo already, but even then he was more of a cat than a dog. So while at Petco one Saturday we came home with Flip. He was already named Flip so we kept it. Just added a middle and last name. He became Flip N. Fantastic Esq. (all our animals have the last name fantastic) He was about 6 weeks old and adorable. PR Dad carried him around the store as we bought him toys and food. Yea a playful puppy that liked to play!

We got Flip home and of course Roo hated him and growled. Flip was already way bigger than Roo, but eventually they became civil toward each other. Then Flip started growing. He remained a playful and now teething puppy. He literally ate 3 sofas. One time he ate the inside of a pillow. He somehow unzipped it and ate the inside. We are still finding DVD's he buried in the backyard. We no longer have a screen door on the back sliding door because one night Flip literally ran through it.

Then I got pregnant and as I got bigger Flip got bigger and bigger. Then The Phi was born and she was so tiny and he was go giant. My Mom stayed with us for a week after The Phi was born and when my Pops came to pick her up they took Flip with them. He was just too big and playful to have around a newborn.

We miss Flip but it was the best decision. Now he has a whole ranch to run around on. He has Dexter to bug him daily. He has Pops to spoil him.

Handsome Flippie!
Happy Birthday my Handsome Flippy! We Love you!


  1. i didnt know it was Flippy's birthday. Happy Birthday Flip!!

  2. Flip got his chuck steak for his B-Day. The turned five years old on cinco De Mayo. Flippy likes his steak medium-rare like me.


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