Sunday, May 03, 2009

Paper flowers

We just left Ikea, because that is fun to us. I know we are like adults and stuff. As we were leaving they had a little table set up with a free craft for kids. We stopped and The Phi picked this yellow and purple paper flower. It was just 5 sheets of flat tissue paper and i was like hold up. I know about these paper flowers. Back in the day making these paper flowers were part of wedding prep. We would make dozens of these flowers connected with string and the carefully placed all over a bunch of lowrider cars, usually borrowed from a local car club. After the ceremony the wedding party would climb into the lowriders and cruise the main streets, honking their horns and hitting the switches. When PR Dad and I got married we did our own minimal version of this. We borrowed our brother in laws convertible mustang and cruised State Street in Santa Barbara. No honking or hydraulics, but it was still fun showing off my dress, my tiara and my new husband.

Elissa* Lerma

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  1. Ah the good old days! Staying up all night making those darn flowers. lol Then caravaning through the Barrio.


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