Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Devil's Horns at the Pre-School

There is this kid at The Phi's school who has this little good-bye routine with his Mom. They say bye hug and when she walks out the door she signs I love you and he signs back. (No the kid is not deaf).

The Phi and I did not have a good-bye routine. Just a kiss and a "smell ya later".

After watching this kid and his Mom a few times The Phi (who is a big fat copy cat) decided we should have our own good-bye routine. One day as I was walking out the door she said "Mom, look at me in the door". So after I walked out and closed the door I looked back into the window and she ran up to the other side. Then she threw up the rock hands and pressed her little hand against the glass. So I did the same. Threw up the rock hands and pressed my pink and pointer finger against the window. And suddenly we had a good-bye routine.

So while other kids sign I love you to their parents. Mine throws me the devil's horns.

I am one proud Momma.

*P.S. Happy Birthday Roman. Keep Rocking Out in Heaven*

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