Thursday, April 09, 2009

...and also with you

So my boss has this great story about Uncle Matty when he was a little kid and the one time she took him to church. While at a grocery store he overheard someone mention Jesus. Apparently this was not the first time Little Matty overheard this name. He turned to his Mom and loud enough for everyone to hear, and for her to be completely embarrassed, he innocently asked

"Mom, who is this Jesus guy anyways?"

She took him straight to church after that one.

With Easter right around the corner and a recent Momversations episode it brought to mind religion. Religion is not super extremely a part of our everyday. I don't go to church on Sundays. But it was a big factor in my first marriage ending. (I think no matter what your religion is marrying a Jehovah Witness is just not a good idea)

I was raised Catholic, went to Catechism classes, had my sacraments up to confirmation. When I was in high school we had to go to church every Sunday. Joey on the other hand went with his Grandma to walk his cousins to Catechism classes but didn't get to go. He was baptized but that's where his commitment to the Catholic Church ends. When The Phi was in utero we decided to raise her Catholic. We chose her a pair of kick ass god-parents. Had her baptized and even sent her off to Catholic school. She knows the "Our Father"(even though when she recites it, it somehow turns into the Pledge of Allegiance) and how to make the sign of the cross. Before meals she sometimes will say "God is great, God is Good. Thank you God for the food". Joey and I are also god-parents to our niece Lili (and are lined up to be Felix's god-parents). We love our role, but I think the only time we ever stepped foot in a church with Lili was on her baptism day. We see the god-parent role more as a guide, someone to come to for advice and someone who makes you feel a little bit extra-special. Who takes you to parks and museums.

Well what we lack in religious education The Phi is apparently getting at school. We all know she is at that wonderful age where everything out of her mouth is a question. Lately she has been trying to figure out God.

"Mom did God make this wall?"

"Mom did God make you and me and Poppa?"

"Mom did God make my bike?"

I have been kind of torn on how to answer her. Sometimes I say "yes he did" and sometimes I say, "no a kid in a sweatshop made your shoes". I think all I am going to do is confuse her.


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    You should go to church. On Judgement Day, GOD is not going to care how many fancy degrees you have.Know what I mean????

    - El Mexi

  2. I feel my afterlife will be determined by my character and not by the fact that I sat in a pew for 60 minutes once a week.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    He does request at least 1 hour per week. He understands that we are busy with life. ONLY ONE HOUR!!! Read the book!!!

  4. What the hell? God's a score-keeper? When did he request an hour a week? Did I miss that somewhere in Genesis?

  5. I believe on judgement day God will be happy that you still believe in him. I was a cradle Catholic & taught CCD and haven't been in a Church in a few years,but I say my prayers everynight and Thank him for each days gifts. I don't need to drive 40 miles to a church to tell him how I feel. You're a good Mom and I think as long as your intentions are good that's all that matter.

  6. I loved my CCD classes and actually enjoyed church. I think one of the reasons I've stopped going is that it feels so solitary going by myself. I'm used to being with family. Even if I went on my own at my home parish, I was still surrounded with familiar faces and close friends.

    I definitely miss being involved, but don't miss the rigidity. I expect that when I decide to start a family, the church will again play a bigger role in my life.
    PS: I don't think you're going to hell :D

  7. Oh I hate when people get on their high horse about this kind of stuff.

    I know plenty of people who put in their hour a week, and otherwise are real pieces of s***.

    Just because someone doesn't follow a religion does not mean they don't believe in God. I am non-denominational. I know God exists, really I should have been dead many times over. I just don't think any one religion has got it all right.

    Do in your heart what you know to be right and good, and you will be OK in the eyes of The Lord.

  8. We do not ever go to church.

    But we're not religious.

    My parents are and they take the girls to church. They're catholic. Bunny is obsessed with Jesus.

    Recently I discovered that my kids have no idea what the devil is. I was surprised. I thought they really pushed the devil stuff in catholic churches.

  9. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Got things going!!

    -El Mexi

  10. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Please know that I am playing-a-round...REALY!!!

    Great stuff on your web page(s.

    Happy Easter!

    -El Mexi

  11. Thanks for keeping things interesting El Mexi and a Happy Easter to you too!


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