Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PRP Year In Review September- December

  • I totally cry when The Phi starts pre-school.
  • Mom looks 25 when she turns 53
  • We learn not to dress a kid in white pants for school
  • Phi loves the cut outs at the LA County Fair
  • I start to have issues with The Phi's school
  • We get drunk in a totally classy way
  • I start writing for Photo Bliss on Blissfully Domestic
  • 3 words..... Monster School Bus
  • We discuss the complexity that is The Phi
  • Nobody likes Tia UH-laine because shes 23
  • We hit up the Route 66 car show
  • We become big fans of the weekend getaway
  • The Phi starts ballet class
  • We sahre some Laughlin pics
  • We figure out where The Phi really gets her crazy from
  • I finally get a hair color I like
  • The Phi's pissiness bleeds into her art
  • We take a lot inside my purse
  • We hang out with bikers
  • We discuss Prop 8
  • I turn old
  • The Phi shakes hands with a monkey!
  • We carve some angry pumpkins
  • We recap my awesome bday weekend
  • We share some family pumpkin patch pics
  • Punk Rock Parents turns 3
  • The Phi makes the cutest puppy ever
  • We rocked the vote
  • The Phi's First Disneyland trip
  • I make an amazing musical discovery
  • I realize that The Phi kind of sort of looks like me
  • The Phi experiences her first protest rally
  • Meet up with some old and new friends for a good causa
  • We ask the age old question, Do Kangaroos have eyebrows?.
  • We celebrate the future arrival of Eli!
  • The Phi gets a big head
  • I totally get sucked into the Twilight books
  • We recap Thanksgiving
  • The holiday season is in full swing
  • The Phi gets sick....all over PR Dad
  • The Phi has to wear the "spare" outfit
  • We head to the Tamale Festival
  • Pre school goes emo
  • We give thanks to La Virgen
  • PR Dad officially becomes my longest relationship
  • We share a holiday tradition
  • The Phi give Wayne Newton a run for his money
  • The Phi's first dentist visit
  • Its snows and we are cold
  • The Phi loves Xmas
  • I love facebook and gaps
  • Little Eli enters the world and steals my heart
  • The Phi teaches you how to cook her favorite holiday treat
  • Slide show and punk Christmas music to review Christmas Eve!
  • Our last weekly wieners share some Christmas joy!
So that's it. It's over. One post for everyday. So where's the balloons and confetti?

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