Thursday, January 01, 2009

She made it to 11:40.....

So our new years was very mellow. We went out to our new favorite Mexican place where some lady told us that The Phi spoke so well for her age, and that she was so pretty that she reminded her of Selma Hyack. Oh poor PR Dad in about 15 years. Maybe she meant Selma as Frida. That would make him feel better. Then we came home, covered The Phi in some awesome temporary tattoos, made cookies and watched a movie. We thought for sure The Phi would make it until midnight. Before her school days this kid could stay up forever. Well she is on school days time now and she laid down on PR Dad's lap, asked him to rub her back and then she was out. With only 20 minutes left. We stopped the movie at about 11:57 and switched over to Dick Clark's New Years Rocking Eve and watched the ball drop. I snapped some photos, kissed my man and my sleeping kidd-o. My Mom called and I sent out some text messages and then it was time for bed.

And apparently I used this morning to catch up on my sleep from the holiday madness, because I slept in until 1 pm. I probably would have still been asleep if The Phi hadn't poked me and asked for lunch.

So 2009 is here and we have a few simple resolutions. Changes for PR Dad and improvements for Me and some simple reading and writing goals for The Phi. I have also decided to do the 365 blog posts thing again. Yes again.

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  1. I Love ! This ! Blog!

    I can't believe I haven't visited here before and stumbled on it through MamaGrouch.

    We had a great restaurant experience on NYE also. We recently moved to Philadelphia and have been checking out an Indian place but this is the first opportunity we've had to go. We had no idea how fancy it was going to be until we were seated. Our kids are 3 and 4 and everyone really bent over backwards for them. They even brought big bowls of cherries over to occupy the girls while we waited for our appetizers.


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