Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PRP Year In Review May - August

  • The Phi shows off her drumming skills
  • We head out with good friends and family to The Phi's first Dodger Game!
  • My revolutionary ways rub off on PR Dad
  • I give major props to my Mom on Mothers Day
  • I can finally let the cat out the bag and tell everyone my BFF "Sam" is pregnant!
  • The b-day celebrations for PR Dad and The Phi start
  • The Phi has the best 3rd birthday party ever!
  • My birthday letters to my babies
  • We have such a great day in LA with The Dre's that it had Part 1 and 2
  • PR Dad goes to college
  • My parents get evacuated so we watch fireworks and drink beer
  • I met up with a new blog friend and her art and her kids!
  • Aquaglobes suck
  • I get over my childhood trauma and take The Phi to see Wall-E
  • I get pissed at my library
  • We talked about The Phi being an only child
  • The Phi was the flower girl in my cousin Ray's wedding
  • We head out for Bass Lake
  • Pops turns 55
  • We share some vacation pictures
  • We recap our visit with Rick, Jess and the boys
  • The Phi gets her first haircut and PR Dad gets a motorcycle
  • I get up close and personal with Frida
  • We spent a few awesome hours in SLO
  • We discuss nicknames
  • The Phi makes a penguin fly
  • The Phi gets a start date for school and I become obsessed with stretchy pants
  • Lili and Felix turn 2
  • My first true love celebrates a birthday
  • Sea World with The Chone

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