Monday, December 29, 2008

PRP Year In Review Jan - April

To end the year and my One post a day blog challenge we are going to recap the year. Everything underlined is a direct link to that blog post! So if you are new reader this is a great way to start catching up on all the hilarity and craziness that is Punk Rock Parents!

  • We started the year with Cari and family over! The best way to start the year.
  • We made some resolutions and I am happy to say we stuck to most of them.
  • We were victims of credit card fraud.
  • My cousin Gabriel the Marine was promoted to Sgt!
  • I started posting my Sunday Weekly Wieners
  • We got a new gigantic bed
  • We discussed the differences between PR Dad and I about discipline
  • Rob and Big came back and we were so happy!
  • The reward chart was filled and The Phi earned her first prize
  • We had to get creative when it comes to wiping The Phi's nose
  • We enjoyed a trip to the Children's Museum in Palm Springs
  • My Boo shared some pictures from her trip to India
  • We started spoken word blogging
  • I taught myself embroidery
  • The Phi started talking back
  • I got my ipod Touch and I was so excited and I could not hide it
  • The Phi draws happy faces on everything
  • The Phi gets an Ipod
  • We went to a Chicano Photo Exhibit
  • The Phi and I show the world we are BFF
  • A new diagnosis for The Phi...asthma
  • NKOTB made a comeback in music and in my heart
  • Little Lucas joined my BFF Jessica's family
  • A beloved Zoo friend passed away
  • I got my Nikon camera and that changed everything!
  • I splurged on myself, even though I did not mean to.
  • Dr. Nina wins an award
  • We revisit the only rule in the PRP house
  • The Phi and I have a hard day
  • The Phi's birth story is finally immortalized on the internet
  • We spent Easter with PR Dads family
  • We got a very exciting look at my work desk
  • We shared pictures of Rosie and Gio's wedding
  • Uncle Matty went to Mexico for Spring Break and bright me back an awesome gift
  • We cried for our Angel Roman
  • My Tia Concha celebrated a big b-day
  • The Phi shows off her dancing skills
  • I finally get some recognition and a free t-shirt!
  • I had to totally kiss Tommy Ma's ass
  • We went to Sea World. Again
  • We celebrate the return of our own personal hero
  • I get to tell my version of how PR Dad and I met

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