Friday, September 12, 2008

unorganized chaos

So we had our first ever "back-to-school" night last night. Since we are new to this whole, Send your kid to school thing" I was a bit nervous about back-to school night. Turns out I had no need to be nervous, because why would you be nervous about free hot dogs and cookies, a 20 minute meeting where the Principal spoke into a microphone but still was not heard because no one would stop freaking talking. And even that didn't matter because everything they discussed did not pertain to the pre-school. And its not nerve wracking to walk around your child's classroom waiting for some kind of presentation to start and then after 20 minutes realize that there is no presentation and you could leave. All in all back to school night was a big ol' waste of time. I actually left there more confused than before. Want my 2 cents on how it should have been run? Too bad, here it goes. They should have had a separate night for the pre-school so that us pre-school only parents didn't waste our time or become more confused in the meeting. The teachers should  have had a presentation ready for the parents. There should have been some kind of activity that allowed the parents to get to know each others names at least. I mean their kid is in class with my kid, shouldn't we at least know each others name? There should have been some talk about upcoming events, and daily activities. What kind of things is my kid going to be doing in your class. Maybe some info about volunteering in the classroom or any upcoming field trip. But that's just me. What are your "back-to-school" nights like?


  1. The back to school night at my preschool is basically everything you said it should be. Everyone meets in the fellowship hall and sits through the teachers being introduced, and then the director gives a presentation outlining the program, and why we do what we do. She goes over the handbook, etc. Then, everyone goes to their child's classroom and listens to a presentation with their child's teacher.

    The only thing they have that we do not seems to be hot dogs. We serve punch and cookies.

  2. Not sure, we "opted out". Ours was TWO HOURS

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    There is also open house, which i would think is the back to school night you described and back to school house should be a presentation by the teacher. weird. strike 2


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