Thursday, September 11, 2008

The little things

Now that we have a set week schedule and bedtimes and early alarm clocks it seems like our time with The Phi during the day is so much shorter.  By the time we get home from work we have 2 hours to get chores done or errands ran  until I make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner. Next thing I know its time to shower and get The Phi in bed. There are times now when PR Dad will not see her at all during the day except his lunch hour. I am learning that those few free hours we have together are important and we need to make the most of them. Yesterday in between dinner and shower The Phi and I did a craft project together. We painted and decorated 2 toilet paper tubes. We let them dry while we got ready for bed. Then we taped them together and added a string and "Viola!" we had a set of binoculars. Then The Phi had a brilliant idea and wanted to go outside to look at the stars. So we did. We sat on the porch and she was so excited about her binoculars because as she brought them up to her eyes she exclaimed "Mom! They work!" The sky was just getting dark and as we sat side by side on our front porch we watched an owl fly from tree to tree. Then the stars started coming out one by one. Like glitter in the sky. PR Dad came out to join us and I was so thankful for that moment. And today as we remember what happened 7 years ago I am even more thankful for these amazing loving moments with my family. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening, and I am totally stealing that craft idea.

  2. That is a lovely moment to remember!

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Elias must have been channeling the Phi last night because, after we read "There's No Place Like Space" he asked us if we though Santa would bring a pair of binoculars. They must be soul mates too!

  4. Anonymous2:56 PM

    The little things sometimes end up being the biggest memories. What a wonderful day.

    (Found you through AM)

  5. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Oh Elissa, you need to show PR Dad to use that camera of yours. I would of loved to see a pic of that moment you had with the Phi and you always show all the other moments. How precious, you are so creative. XOXOXOX Tia Mary


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