Friday, March 14, 2008

The One and Only Rule

When we brought The Phi home from the hospital the first thing PR Dad told her when we walked into the house was "We only have one rule parking on the dance floor". When Uncle Matty moved back in with us we laid down the rule parking on the dance floor. Many of you don't know this but it is our fond memories of break dancing that keeps PR Dad and I together and happy. Yes we both grew up loving and wanting to be our favorite character from Breaking. Me being Special K, and PR Dad wanting to be Turbo. PR Dad was even enrolled in break dancing classes as a kid. He sported the fingerless leather gloves and white painters cap. As a kid I was pretty much a tomboy. During the summers I would spend hours putting new fat neon orange laces from Payless on my red high top Chuck Taylor's. Then I would hang out with my 2 cousins, Carlos and Leo. They would always have on their cool Bruce Lee swap meet shirts and Carlos had this big silver boom box. We would play the mixed tapes filled with songs by Midnight Star, Herbie Hancock, Grandmaster Flash, and the Sugarhill Gang. We would lay out our card boards and practice our moves. Carlos and Leo were awesome and could do a bunch of crazy moves. Carlos was even trying to master spinning on his head. Me on the other hand had one move, but man was I freakin awesome at the one move. It was just like a jump front with one foot, jump back with one foot and swing your arms kind of move. I can even remember "performing" at someones birthday party in front of the family. I don't know when or why I gave up break dancing, but it left me with very fond memories, a love for Chuck Taylor's and somewhere there is a pretty funny video of me and my cousins break dancing at a birthday party!


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    OMG! Breakdancing! I always wanted to do it but I had 2 left feet back in the days! LOL

    I was such a nerd! hahahaha

    Remember the break dancing scene in Flashdance? I always used to try to do it in our living room when I was younger. hahahaha

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM


  3. So, is The Phi break dancing yet???

  4. I had like 7 pairs of chucks!

  5. Whoa!!! I heard this song on the radio today!!!! I told myself that I have not heard it in such a long time, then I read you blog... how weird.

  6. Anonymous5:27 PM

    OMG Elissa, I do remember that.You guys were always dancing. That was at Carlos' Birthday party at your house,I think. Tia Ruth has the video of that. LOL Mikey wants to know if you could show him any moves?lol
    Tia Mary


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