Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can't quit my day job!

I have been LOVING my new camera! I have been taking pictures everyday and even starting to fiddle with editing. Yesterday I took the camera with us out on our daily walk at the park. I was all excited to use it. I found this great patch of dandelions and was ready to shot and....nothing! Hmm maybe I didn't turn on the camera. Nope it was on, I tried again and looked at the LCD screen and it said, No Memory SD!. I had forgotten the stupid memory stick at home. I had it out to download some pictures. D'oh! No worries today we head out to another park and the farmers market. This time I will NOT forget the memory stick. I just need to get use to looking the a tourist with my big ol' camera. I have even been watermarking my edited pics. Right now I am just putting "erl photography" but I want something much more fun, more spunky etc. PR Dad suggested "Shooting the Shit Photography". Seriously how does he come up with stuff like that?!


  1. it looks like a snowflake on a stick

  2. very cool photo. Love your blog!!!

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Congrats on the new camera!
    Practice, practice, practice! =)


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