Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cell Phone Drama

So yesterday while at work The Phi was sitting at a computer playing on-line poker, I mean playing on PBSkids. Anyways she was sitting in a swivel chair and while she moved to one side she pinched her hand between the desk and the arm of the chair. She was crying and I went to pick her up and console her and you know how she repaid me. She peed on me! As I was putting her down I felt drops of water on my arm and I realized she had peed. Damnit! I send her to the bathroom and take off my sweater. It was then I realized that my cell phone was in the pocket of my sweater. The exact pocket she peed on. I pulled my phone out and it was soaked. Pee coming out of all the little crevices of my phone. I open it up and pull out the battery and lay everything out on the counter. The Phi is all changed and she is upset because I am upset. I try drying out my phone with some compressed air and The Phi comes into my office and shes is crying. She looks at my phone is pieces and cries even harder. In between her sobs she asks me,

"Mommy your phone is broken?"

"Yes Phi you peed on it"

:Sobbing: "Daddy" :sobbing: "gonna" :sobbing: "fix" :sobbing: "it" :wailing:

My poor baby. She felt so bad. When did she become so sensitive? I am glad to report that after a day of drying out my phone is back in working order. But remember this post if you ever ask to borrow my phone!

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  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    That's nothing. Guess who bent over to pull up his pants in a public restroom and his eyeglasses fell out of his pocket into the un-flushed toilet? That would be me! Had to pick them out since without them I was blind. Freaking disgusting!



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