Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let Me Tell You "Bout My Best Friend....

Joey and I cannot get enough. Every second we have free we are getting our fill. We are trying to catch up for lost time. I am talking about the funniest show on MTV right now, Rob & Big. The second season has just started and we are just getting into this show so we are watching all the back episodes on-line. We are anxiously waiting for Season One to come out on DVD. This show is so funny, and the interaction between Rob & Big makes us both laugh out loud. And if your know PR Dad, lol-ing does not happen often. Seriously though, this show has us rolling on the flooring laughing our asses off!
In other mindless entertainment news, I caught the movie Blue Crush on television a few weeks ago. I had never seen the movie (even during my surfing phase) because it just seemed cheesy to me, but I was so surprised to learn that I really liked it. Of course it did have a cheesy, modern day version of North Shore, but it was still good. I recommend it for a lazy weekday watch. I also finished reading the book 'White Oleander' and the immediately watched the movie (gotta love Netflix!) and this was one of those time where the movie did not do the book justice. Not at all. The book is like 155,785,631,876 times better than the movie was. That's a lot of times.
So what are all you reading? What are you watching these days?


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Us Weekly and People. (Sorry, got a demanding job and a crazy kid. . . .I'm lucky I still remember how to read!) JVS

  2. Just finished reading "Dity Blonde" by Lisa Scottoline, who if you are not familiar with her, is like a female John Grisham who writes legal thrillers with female heroines. Now, I'm about to start at First Sight by Nicholas Sparks. We'll see how long it takes me to read it, since I only get a few minutes a day to myself. As far as TV... hmmm... I'm bored now that Grey's Anatomy's season ended... stuck watching Law & Order re-runs, and I do occasionally watch Run's House and Miami Ink.

  3. Oops... and that was supposed to be Dirty Blonde...

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    reading? who has time? watching? i watch the good! and of course friends reruns...and baby einstein...Rob and Bis is great! I love that show!

  5. rob and big is the best. i cant wait to see the episode where meaty is sitting at the table and just falls out of the chair. they show that in the opening credits


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