Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Literally a day at the beach.

Pr Dad and his great ideas! He suggested we hit the road and spend a day at the beach. We had such a blast, even though we had to drive all the way to Newport Beach for some ocean fun!

The Phi was slathered with sunscreen and then turned lose to make sand castles with PR Dad. She got to sport one of her new swim suites, but was not too keen on the water. We took her in and she got her feet and legs wet, but was not very happy about it.

We then walked the little boardwalk and had some yummy lunch. We then walked the pier and watched the fisherman.

The Phi and PR Mom

The sun, sea and sand wore her out!

And since we were in the neighborhood we stopped by to see Sam at work. He works at the biggest Mercedes dealership in the USA! It is beautiful, complete with putting green, shoe shine service and a Starbucks in the lounge.

Then we headed out to Fashion Island for some window shopping.

Before we left the mall we put The Phi on the carousel. She had a blast. We had such a wonderful day. This area of Orange County holds special meaning for PR Dad and I. The first time we hung out together just him and I this is where we went. And now almost 4 years later we were there again at the some spots this time, happily married with our crazy kiddo along for the ride!


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Shel's grandma lives on Balboa Island, so we go down there from time to time. Every time we've been there, we've had at least one meal at Ruby's (on the pier). Been to Fashion Island a few times too, but not my cup of tea.

  2. Wow- PR mom is a HOTTIE- look out! Love that the Phi is still holding on to her monster truck tray(?) while sleeping. :)

  3. ah yes the Monster Truck tray. When we went grocery shopping they had all these little lap tray and we thought with all the coloring and painting The Phi has been doing she could use one. She we let her pick from cute pink ones with girls on it, a yellow one with a cow on it, and the monster truck one. She of course chose the trucks. And now she wont leave one without it!


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