Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tata's 80th!

G-G-G-Giant 80th Birthday Love to Big Tata!!

On the Monday holiday we all got together (again!) to celebrate Big Tata's 80th Birthday! Everyone had pitched in (and my parents footed the rest) to buy him a super duper awesome chair. It is remote controlled to recline, and even stand him up from a sitting position. It also heats up! PR Dad and I wrapped the box and PR Dad created the bow all by himself! We are glad Big Tata liked it so much that he wore it on his head.

Baby Central. There were a lot of years where the family was baby-less and we are now starting to multiple again! I love it!

Gabriel is one talented kid. Not only can he snap his fingers, but he can snap them behind his back!

My god-daughter. What a cutie!
Big Tata, signing his own cake.
With all the new toys she got at her birthday, she played with an empty toilet paper roll.
I just had to post this picture because it was too cute!
Happy Birthday Big Tata! We love you so much and the PR Family was so happy that we were able to celebrate with you!

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