Friday, May 18, 2007

2 out of 3 Parties

\PR Dad and I both come from big loving families. Unfortunately they are all far away from us. And since most of PR Dad's family wont be able to make it to the big Baptism/Birthday party coming up we celebrated The Phi and Joey's birthday with them this week. On Thursday PR Dad paternal side got together for cake and ice cream in honor of PR Dads 34th birthday and The Phi's second. In case you didn't know, The Phi was PR Dad's 32nd birthday present. She was born on his birthday. Pretty perfect huh??

We had a great time with tacos, enchiladas, stuffing, and 2 cakes!

Now my poor allergy Phi can't have cake, so instead we bought her a rice krispies treat. But of course she scored some frosting...

Today we had dinner with PR Grandma (PR Dads Mom). Her birthday is the day before PR Dads and The Phi's. I know crazy right. At dinner I was the only one not celebrating my birthday. As usual PR Gma spoiled The Phi with gifts. A cute brown tank top with khaki shorts. A baby doll that cries and says Mama, a little bunny, a box of the fruit snacks she likes and the big gift was.....

That's right people, they still make Sit and Spins!

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