Friday, May 18, 2007

There will never be a portrait of The Phi hanging in our house

We have never been so embarrassed or frustrated in our entire parenthood lives. We scheduled her entire day so that at 3:30 when she had her picture appointment she wouldn't be tired or hungry. We tried to make sure that she looked cute in a pretty pink dress and her hair looking cute with a pretty pink flower in it. We got to the appointment on time and she was good in the waiting area. We chose the backgrounds we wanted and then entered the studio area and things just fell apart. We walked in and the photographer moved the table and the background scenes moved up and down and The Phi freaked. She refused to sit up on the table, she refused to stand on the table. I kept trying to sit her down and she just clung to me. I peeled her off and she tried to get off the table, No amount of stuffed animals, or books, or ticking mommy and daddy with a feather duster, could calm her down of keep her on the table. I couldn't believe that this was my bratty kid. After half an hour of this, we were all getting hot and sweaty from wrestling with her and we were completely frustrated and we needed to get on the road so we threw up our hands and left. Never ever to return again.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Don't give up on it... try again after some time passes (perhaps even with a different studio). You probably already know, it's intimidating to be in front of a camera with all of the equipment pointing right at you. Liek I said, don't give up.

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    The photographer that we use does candid photo shoots outside. He even comes to our house, or a location of our choice. It works well. JVS


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