Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I don't know why I ever get haircuts!

You would think that I would learn after years and years of bad haircuts. But I did it anyways. I was getting tired of the long no style hair. I had been in the habit of just throwing it into a ponytail all the time. I wanted some style to my hair so it looked decent and not like I was just too tired. (Which I am) But I wanted to look better. So I get the idea in my head and I can't do anything until I get my haircut. So we head to a salon (yes a cheap one!) so that I can get my haircut. I decide that I want it really layered with the first layer starting at my mouth (this will be important later). So I get this lady who obviously hates her job. She is very over weight and is literally huffing and puffing through it. She looks at my hair and gives a heavy sigh. Yes lady I know its long and yes lady I know its thick but you are a hairdresser, deal with it. She is annoyed at my mane and is pissy because instead of spraying my hair wet she has to walk to the back to use the sink to wet it. So we get back to the chair and I sit down and she combs my hair out and I explain that I want my hair layered with the first layer to start at my mouth, thinned out and to keep as much length as possible. So she combs it out and tells me that my hair is too long and I am going to need to stand up to get it cut. What!? Whatever, so I stand up and she cuts the bottom and then I am back in the chair. She stats with the layers. And as soon as she makes the first cut I knew she cut way too short. But I wasn't 100% sure because she made me take my glasses off. She keeos cutting and keeps cutting and keeps cutting. I am starting to freak out but I am not the type to ask alot of questions while getting my haircut. My years at Ultima Image salon taught me what really irritates hairdressers and a client second guessing does it. They do not like salon-seat hairdressers. So after all the cutting she asks if I want it thinned because "girl your hair is thick" . I am thinking "Bitch I told you I wanted thinned out. I have to live with 10 pounds of hair on my head. I know its thick" instead I say "yes please" (my mom raised some polite kids) . She thins it out and finally I get to put my glasses back on and see the damage. The first layer is at my nose and the rest is really thinned out so it looks like a mushroom head top with stringy black hair in the back. Not pretty. It is very very 80's. Damnit I am going to have to borrow Mary's fanny pack. Ugh. But of course my freaky husband loved it! He liked the bad feathery stringy 80's haircut. If I get brave enough pictures will follow.

okay I took some shots of whiskey aka brave juice and here you go.

Told you it was bad! And I was just kidding about the whiskey. Do not called Child PRotective Services, I dont drink when I am single parenting. Much! haha


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Haha...I know its not funny, but I was on the floor laughing my ass off!!

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

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  3. Ohhh.... I'm sorry! I'm sure it's not as bad as you descroibe it, cause you're always going to be much more critical than anyone else. You can always try another salon to fix it???? Hmmm.. but I'm thinkin you probably want to stay as far away from salons as possible!

  4. Anonymous5:39 PM

    oooh lis' always, always, remember 3 to 1- if you want the split ends cut off go with one inch, if you want a trim go w/ maybe 1.5 inches...a style- go with two (that means mega haircut)...i never ask for more than an inch off b/c i ask for an inch and they cut off three...always!

  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    maybe if you comb your hair it wont look so bad! ~cari

  6. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I DIED laughing.
    This post made me miss you even more.

  7. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Hey, you got it Elissa. You can borrow my fanny pack anytime. LOL
    It looks like it could be a cute hair cut, once you style it. Tia Mary


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