Saturday, October 14, 2006

Viva Frida!

So PunkRock Dad was home for a day and a half and he spent more time cleaning up the back yard. And he finds all kinds of strange things back there. Stuffed animals, cds, video games, socks etc. All these treasures were left behind by Flip. When we had Flip he was a wild and playful puppy. And anything he could get his teeth into would be taken outside and destroyed. After Flip moved out to Santa Barbara and we were moving rooms around I noticed that 2 of my favorite DVD's were missing. Frida and The Good Girl. I was hoping they would turn up somewhere in the house and Flip did not eat them. Well Joey come to the back door and knocked. I walked out there and he had this in his hands.

My Frida DVD! My precious moustace, uni-brow Frida movie! I opened up the mangeled case and the DVD was still in there. In one piece, untouched, in perfect condition! I could not believe it. More than a year in the backyard with the intense heat, and the cold rain and it was still there. I watched the movie and I remember what a life Frida had lived. She had survived much more than some heat and rain. She had lived through a revolution, an accident that should have taken her life, she lived a tormented life with the love of her life and she painted to release the emotional and physical pain that she felt every day. A little sun and rain for a year were nothing!

Viva Frida!


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