Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Donde va el tiempo?

After the walk on Sunday we all congregated at Nana and Tatas house for a potluck and just to hang out together for awhile. We were one of the first to get there and Joey and I sat down on the brown couch in the living room. The Phi was in unchild-proof heaven with frames and lots of other little nick-nacks within her reach. As she walked about the coffee table (which always leaves me uneasy because of Rosie's incident with that table) and my Tata was sitting in his chair. He watched as The Phi walked back and forth grabbing frames and pictures and handing them to Joey and my Tata said "donde va el tiempo?" (where does the time go?) And it is so true Where did the time go? I cannot believe that my kid is a kid and not a baby anymore. She has grown up so fast. These past 16 months have flown by and it seems like her newborn stage lasted a week and it feels like years ago when we were waiting to see when she would roll over, or crawl, or take her first steps. And now she is a little kid, drinking from juice boxes and wanting her independence. She wants to walk around herself and explore the world around her. My Tata was right (duh!) We need to really pay attention to our children because they will never be this small again. The Phi is just going to keep getting bigger and funnier and cutier and more and more independent. She is not going to need us as much and them before we know it not at all.


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Stop it. . . .you're going to make me cry. --JVS

  2. OMG! I know exactly how you feel. Even though I only know you in the cyberworld, your posts about The Phi growing up always hit home with me since our kids were born on the same exact day and of course duh, that means they are the same exact age. I whine to my husband about this same fact every single day.. about "see how grown our kid is, wearing size 6 toddler shoes, being a BOY to the fullest, opening the refrigerator by himself and helping himself to ice cream, wanting his independence, able to go down stairs, etc., etc" ... I could go on for days. I'm constantly in turmoil in my head. One the one hand I want to freeze time and keep him this little forever.. and on the other hand, I'm delighted at the fact that I get to see him grow up, become his own person and discover the world. Sigh....


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