Monday, September 18, 2006

Visit with the Boys

We had enough time after our day in San Diego to head to Chula Vista to visit the boys, Walkin, Layzer, and Ray. Man I miss those guys. We use to be together all the time! The Phi hadn't seen Walkin since Christmas!

The Phi and Ray. She had fun jumping on his bed.
The Phi with Layzer (aka Michael) and his lovely wife Jaime.
The Phi getting crazy with Walkin and his beautiful wife Brittney!
Our visit was too short, but alas I had to work the next day. But we had a good time catching up on the boys lives. Michael will be shipping out soon. As those Navy boys have to do. Walkin, Mike and Brittney are all Navy (hence the living in San Diego!) Brit and Walkin got a new puppy, a beagle terrier mix named Stone. Too Cute! And Ray has a new job with a plastics company and hopes to relocate to Orange County soon.

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Jamie, not Jaime. i miss them too. ~cari


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