Monday, September 18, 2006

Chicano Park

I made a promise to The Phi the other day that after we get setteled into VC I will become more involved in my Chicana-ness. Those who know me, know how involved I was. Chicano culture truely is my passion. A place that I have always adored in San Diego is Chicano Park. It can be found under the Coronado Bridge and is always a breath taking experience and The Phi got to see it for the first time.
Me, my Phi and Frida! One day I will have to tell her that Chone wanted us to name her Feiga (Diego and Frida)
I swear I didn't teach her how to raise her fist in the air. But it was a proud moment for me. Now if I can just teach her to say "Viva!"

Sticking to her Punk Rock roots

On top of the empty fountain.

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  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Why not Dida? :) I have yet to visit Chicano Park...~p


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