Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Rock Star!

My kid believes that she is a rock star. She rocks out on her piano ( we call this Something Corporate style) and on the drums (Travis Barker style) . She sings into her little microphone and even has stage diving (in our case couch diving) down! If you ask her if she is a rock star she will throw her hands in the air and make this wierd Steven Tyler lips kind of face. I have always wanted a rock star in the family.

Here is the rock star at her great-granparents house. We visited over the weekend and it was the first time that I saw Phi play with kids close to her age. The twins are her (3rd but who's counting) cousins and they are almost 3 years old. They played very well together.

Check out this shirt. Straight from the 70's man. It was in a bag of clothes that Ouie gave me when The Phi was born. This tank looked so huge when she first gave it to me and now it fits her. Babies must have been much smaller in the 70's because this is a size 4T.

Here are the new rock star pajamas! Pretty kick ass huh? I have no idea what is up with the Michael Jackson curl! (Notice juror #7 in the background drained from a day of juroring!)

Sending birthday love to Tia Nina Jose and Tia Mary, the twin babies of the family.

And some b-day love to Tri-Funkalicious DiBacco!!


  1. love the pjs! tell me, how do i get ahold of tri-funk? email, cell number? anything? and i have kelly's shoes she wanted, well, heather wanted, i dont know if kelly actually wants them. and sophia and angelica have matching halloween pjs on the way. let me know if u want me to get sophia a halloween costume from the childrens place. go to www.childrensplace.com to look at them

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    i dont remember that shirt!?! its funny. she looks so big already. ~cari

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mama Says Om. I can't figure out which entry is your "camp" theme submission since you did not provide a static link. I'd love to see it though, so please come back by and post it when you get a chance. The entry you made today will be deleted since it just points to your main page.

    Lemme know if you need help finding your static link!

  4. Anonymous9:37 PM

    S.L.L.R.P looks soooo big even compared to the three year old twins...crazy!


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