Friday, August 11, 2006


PBS is going have a Curious George show. I am so excited for The Phi. She LOVES her some George. Definately going to have to TiVo some episodes!

So The Phi is going to the doctor today for her rash and such. I think she may have allergies. Her eye lids and under her eyes are always red, like she is tired, her nose is always runny and her eczema is out of control. She just itches like crazy. And nothing seems to be helping her. We lotion her constantly, we give her oatmeal baths and even us her ezcema medicne isnt working well. Her molars are coming in and so she is drooling like crazy and it is wreacking her chin. She has awful red marks. Worse than they usually are. But I am the sick one. I came down with a cold last night and I feel like crap!

Oh and Juror #7 is now Joey again. They threw the book at the guy and Joey's civil duty is over. Thank goodness the babies didnt come during jury duty!

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    poor you and sophia! i hope you both get better soon. i was wondering what would happen if joey was still in jury duty and i went into labor. you need to blog more often, i check it everyday hoping to see more pics of the phi.


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