Thursday, August 03, 2006

Driving her mother crazy.

See that face. I see this face more and more everyday and its driving me crazy. The Phi has entered what I call the "Frustration Nation" phase. She is at a point where she wants to do things herself and be all over the place and when I tell her no that is the reaction I get. And if something doesnt work right or fast enough or even if she falls while walking she gets frustrated and this face happens. It is driving me nuts and I am not sure the best way to handle it. Do I give in and let her run wild so she stays happy, or do I keep telling her to not stand on the chair and not to grab things that are not hers and have her cry. She has also become very clingy to me lately. At work she spends most of her time standing next to my chair pulling on my clothes and wiping her drool on my pant legs or chair. Its cute, but I can't get anything done. I just don't know how to handle my VERY whiny baby.

Although we all got a good laugh after her bath and i gave her 2 braids. They just stuck straight out like Pipi Longstocking.


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    those are two great pictures! i cant stop laughing. what do you do when she cries? if you dont give her a reaction it could stop, unless she is doing it for her and not for your reaction. then i would say to get her some kind of play gym that she can climb and stuff that is her size, or even set up things she can do and not get frustrated. its hard for them at this age, especially a kid like her with no fear.

  2. Anonymous8:37 PM

    now she has to be pipi longstocking for halloween! ~cari, the other one was from me too (the long one)

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    When Elias gets in those moods, I videotape him or take a picture of him and show it to him, and then I ask him what the baby is doing, and why the baby is crying. It usually quiets him down long enough that he forgets what he was fussing about. Now that we are moving into the terrible twos, I'm not sure it will work anymore. . . .JVS

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! in that second pic she looks like i felt after my mom finished fixing me in crazy princess leah buns in grade school...hated it! sounds like mom needs a break...bring the baby to nina's house!

  5. cari's suggestions are good. like set up a room that is totally sophia proofed. but stuff that looks like yours that she wants to get in, and let her get in it. but kind of show her that she can get crazy, as long as she is in that room. a gym like cari said would be awesome. or a little climber with a small slide on it would also be cool. have u tried any kind of art with her yet?

  6. You are sooooo NOT alone!! I swear our kids are twins separated at birth! AJ seems to have mastered the temper tantrum art. He answers every question I ask him with "no" while he is shaking his head vigorously from side to side! He also throws an absolte fit everytime I tell him "no," which seems to be all the time now, since he's always wanting to get into stuff he shouldn't.

    When I tell him "no" he proceeds to scream, throws himself on the floor or throws anything that is in his hands. He has started throwing things at me, which I really am not liking. The other day he hit my face too! We are going to have some serious issues, I can already tell.. since he is so strong willed and temperamental.

    I see a lot of time-outs in his future...

    Ohhh and the clinginess thing? AJ is doing that too. He wants to be picked up and held or the time or he walks around the house glued to my leg. Not fun!

    So, don't despair.... I share your misery! : )

  7. ohhh... but she is adorable by the way! LOVE the braids!!! Too cute! AJ just got his first haircut. It was quite an experience for our family!

  8. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Although i am not an expert, i dont have kids, but what dr. phil said is that you have to start disciplining and setting boundaries the first three years of your child's life, because if you let them get away with it now, it will be sooooo much harder later. trust me i see what they are like in middle school. And DON'T feel bad for disciplining phi, she needs to learn now. i also agree with what woman(said) said about a play area. oh and for the kid who slapped his mama, oh no, if you don't like it you need to let him know, even slap his hand, or hold his hand and tell him no. my old boss flicked her son, i think on his ear, when he bit her when she was breastfeeding, she only did it twice and he never bit her again. i don't want to sound harsh or abusive, but it is not, i would be the first to call child protective services, i'm mandated. remember, BE CONSISTANT, which is harder than you think. ~ rosie


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