Friday, June 16, 2006

Pink Eye, Not Stink Eye

I am telling you. Every month it is something with this kid and I am convinced its because I didn't breastfeed her enough. On wednesday morning she woke up with a small amount of mucus on the corner of her right eye. No big deal, a warm wash cloth and it was gone. While at the office her eyes looked a bit droppy, like she was really tired. She woke up from her nap when Joey came by for lunch. As I was telling him about her eyes looking droopy she sat up and her eye was completely covered with this bright yellow mucus and stuck shut and swollen. I immediatly called her dr. and Joey tried to get her eye open. It looked so awful. We took her into the dr. and it was pink eye. I had no idea that mucus was a part of pink eye. We got a perscription of antibiotics and some eye drops. That night we went a head with our plans to shop for the honeymoon. Since the eye didnt seem to be effecting The Phi's mood! We bought new summer clothes and luggage. And because The Phi just looked so awful I bought her a new build-a-bear. A big bright blue cookie monster.

By the next afternoon her eye looked much better. It still isnt close to 100% but much better. In happier news I finally got to meet Joey's Grandma Watt! She lives in Florida and we have been exchanging letters for a little over a year now. She is in town for our wedding and we met up with her and Joey's aunt and uncle at Victoria Gardens (my favorite mall still!!) for dinner. She is much more fiesty than I anticipated. She is adorable and I am so glad that we got to spend some time together before the wedding. That day is going to be so chaotic! 8 days people. 8 days!

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  1. i want to see a picture of sophias new build-a-bear! and whats this ones name??


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