Wednesday, June 14, 2006

10 Days!

We are getting married in 10 days! (and if any art people out there can tell me why I used this painting then you rock!!) Things are kind of falling into place. The flowers are ordered and the final check was sent to the officiant. Ouie is a rock star and is getting the last few rsvps for me so we can have a final count! And today we are shopping for honeymoon clothes. (I HATE clothes shopping!) Whoh, I just now got excited about it. We are getting married and in just 10 days I become Mrs. Joey. The Phi,Joey and I will finally share a last name.

The painting that I used for todays post leaves me with fond memories of Moorpark College and Mr. Crawford english class. For our final project we had some choices. One of the choices was to incorporate art into a food dish. (i dont know how this correlates with english, but whatever I got an A in that class) So I made a cake and with black liqorice and food coloring my cake looked just like this painting. I started taking art history in high school and took more classes in junior college. (hey sam, remember our art history teacher Gigi!)I really loved me some art history. Then I was lucky enough to take some Chicano art classes during my many years of Chicano Studies courses. I always wished that I was artistic. I have painted a few things in my day. Mostly abstract. And my own version of a Frida painting. And of course the Fathers day paining elaine and I did about the dangers of pesticides.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Art and food. . . .reminds me of the time you made a Christmas wreath out of butterscotch candies in 4th grade. . .JVS

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I do recall the fond memories of Art History at Moorpark College... We rocked in that class!!! We had the art history nailed."Good Times"
    Wow--- 10 days!!!


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