Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Last Easter

Joey and I are not real religious people, but Easter will always be a little extra special to us. I know, i know Easter was like 3 days ago! But here you go anyways. Last Easter we spent the entire weekend with my family. I was about 7 months pregnant with Phi at the time. We had to make stops every hour or so, so that my feet didn't swell too bad from the sitting. We stopped at a mall first and walked around and looked at engagement rings. (we did that A LOT back then). I had found 1 that I really liked, but thought was too expensive. While at the mall Joey got a call from Matt and walked away from me, he said he was going to talk to the jeweler about a price. He was gone for only a few minutes and he meet me back at the Motherhood Maternity store. We headed to Santa Barbara and stayed with my parents for the weekend. On Sunday morning we were getting ready for Easter at my Nana's house. Joey kept bugging me and asking if I was getting in the shower yet. Finally I got in the shower. What I didn't know was that he was showing my Mom the ring and asking my Dad for her permission to ask me to marry him. Joey stood in the kitchen in the same spot Luis would stand a few months later to ask for my sisters hand. Funny we were both pregnant when they did that. Okay Ouie didn't know it at the time. Anyways... we had a nice Easter Sunday at my Nana's house. What I didn't know was that Joey was trying to get the nerve to ask me to marry him in front of my family. He told himself that if my sisters showed up, then he would do it. They never showed up. We drove back to Banning that night and after a long drive we were finally setteled down in bed. Joey had his Kmart ad and we were talking about rings. He showed me some cheesy rings in the Kmart ad and said, "What about one of these?" I was like "yea right" Then he goes "how about this one?" He lowered the ad and he was holding a beautiful cherry wood box with an even more beautiful ring inside. I was shocked. Then he goes "so when are we going to get married?" So techinally he never really asked, but never the less we are getting married. In about 8 weeks!!

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