Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pe-Ace Out!

Thank goodness Jess's prediction didn't come true. Even though she was right about the twins being a boy and a girl. Elliot stayed and buh-bye Ace. Joey was a little scared when Elliot was in the bottom 3 again. And that was pretty crappy what they did to our Taylor. Making him guess the bottom 3. I cannot believe how into this stupid show Joey and I are!

So the baptism is this Saturday. Tonite we go to drop mad amounts of cash at Costco. Joey is stressing a bit, but I am going to wait until after the cleaning lady leaves today to see exactly how much work I have to do.

My power steps came in the mail yesterday. Hopefully they will help because my ankle hurts more and more everyday. I am going to need some pain killers to wear my heels on Saturday.

P.S. Happy 4-20


  1. I can't believe how into the show you two are either.

    Hope the Baptism goes well!

  2. elliot was not in the bottom three last night, it was paris ace and chris

  3. There is something about Ace that just bugged me.
    I think Taylor and Chris are going to go all the way.
    I hope anyways.
    Such cute Easter pictures

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I'm glad Ace is gone! That's a terrible picture of him by the way. . . .makes me slightly nauseous. . .xxoo JVS


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