Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fighting Already

Well I knew Ouie was going to have her hands full with twins, but look at them. She is kicking her brother in the picture! Yes I said she and brother!! Its a boy and a girl. One of each, you cant get more perfect than that! I am getting excited about getting a new niece and nephew. I remember when I found out that Ouie was pregnant with The Chone. It was not the situation I hoped for my sister at the time, and I was away at college and it wasn't real until The Chone was born. And let me tell you, that kid has changed my entire life. I LOVE The Chone. She was just an amazing kid from the start. I love being an Tia. For the first time I knew what it meant to unconditionally love someone. Someone to teach things to and have fun with. Someone to take for ice cream on their birthday and watch grow up. The Chone will be 7 this year and she has become this beautiful, smart and funny little girl. She is going to make a great big sister!

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