Monday, April 17, 2006

Feliz Easter!

So Phi had her first visit from the Easter Bunny. She got a new divided bowl for her dinners and she got some banana snackers, a Backyardigians book about colors, and a CD with a bunch a silly kid songs. (Think John Jacob Jinglehymerschmidt) But of course she liked the fake grass the best!

Here is my baby in her 1st Easter dress. We weren't going to buy her one, but her Big Nana insisted and even Gave Phi some cash to buy a dress. So here is the dress we bought her. I always feel strange about putting Phi in these kind of clothes. When Ouie and I were little my Mom always had us dressed up in pretty dresses with our hair in perfect pony tails with perfect curls. I hated it. But she only wore it for a few hours and it seemed like she liked wearing it.
Here is Phi with Dada on her first Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Josies house.
She even found one of the prize Bunnies!!
Hope you all had a great Easter!


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! You guys look like you have so much fun. I am kind of sad because my sister was living (I think) close to you guys and would have loved to know other punk rock parents but she just moved to San Diego...darn.

  2. She is soooo adorable.
    I just want to reach right into the screen and hug her.


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