Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Beach Side

I can totally visualize it. We have started moving forward in plans for a wedding. There has even some talk about a double wedding with my sister. I was talking to my ex-husband yesterday and we were discussing his wedding last year. He was talking about how stressful his was, and how he hopes that I can make it all the way this time and not throw up my hands and run off to the court house or to Vegas. A beautiful, simple Santa Barbara wedding on the beach would be so perfect. So anyone with wedding advice...bring it on!


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Do what you FEEL is best for you and your loved one. Most people have huge weddings to inpress others. Only you know what you can do with the money you can save by not having a huge wedding. I don't think you need any ideas for a wedding. In your blog you have already let us know what your perfect wedding is. A small Santa Barbara wedding on the beach does sound perfect. Only you and your loved one, have the right to decide on what is YOUR perfect wedding. Good Luck!!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Just make is special and memorable, but do it your way. I'll be there to help if needed. I do have a little experience under my belt these days... My advice is have a great dress and the rest will fall into place. Remember, it is "all about YOU!!" - Oh, and Joey...

  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I can help also...Crissy and I got this! Just holler...btw, remember big wedding, little wedding, no wedding...the end result is the same...you and Joey will be together as long as you want to be. No one will remember that you used black magic and black beauty roses in your center-pieces except for you. :) ~p

    PS I won't let you get married in Vegas...Joey tried that already...bad karma.


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