Punk Rock Parents: Your children really do break your heart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Your children really do break your heart.

It's true. They really do. Sophia is with me about 85% of the time. I change about 85% of her diapers. I feed her about 75% of the time and I have given her every bath she has even taken except one, I have read her every bedtime story she has ever heard except one. And what does this kid do to thank me, she starts saying "dada". She has the sound down but she doesnt connect with her Dad, yet. It is only a matter of time until she does.

Oh a happier note, I want to wish Simi Bumia a Happy Wonderful Terrific Fantastic Birthday. I love you Sim. And on a side note my Boo is in Colorado skiing. Oh my Boo's jetsetter lifestyle. I can't believe she is actually skiing, she is loving it and apparently is a natural. She promised pictures so I will share as soon as I get them.

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