Sunday, January 08, 2006

Boring, boring boring

The last few days have been dullsville around here. Not too much to report. We went out to the Block in Orange yesterday. On the way there we followed some balloons that lead us to a childrens clothing outlet that was having a decent sale. We got Sophia a t-shirt some jeans and a new little jacket. At the mall we oohed and ahhed over surf boards at the Ron Jon Shop. I used most of my Victoria Secrets gift card and we were this close to bringing home a new dog. At Moondoggies we saw this cute little american eskimo (Mom, think radar). We even went into that little booth and played with him. We almost brought him home because he was on sale. Majorly discounted. From $1200 to a mere $300. He was getting passed the puppy stage and they needed him g-o-n-e! We left the pet shop, walked around to think about it. I was thinking about all the reasons why we should not get another dog, but I think one more visit and I would have caved. Believe it or not it was Joey who decided we shouldn't bring the dog home. Amazing! Joey decided not to spend $$$! Anyways he was pretty damn cute, he also inspired me to start cleaning up the yard. Get all your Mexican gardner jokes ready because I used a leaf blower today.

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