Thursday, December 29, 2005

Techincal Difficulties

Hey Peeps,

I have been really wanting to put some Xmas pictures up on here but since upgrading our home computer to XP I have not been able to use the reader we use to use to upload pics. I have some great pics of Xmas eve, ouie and Luis, and from last night when I combed Sophia's hair into ponytails for the first time. Lets just say Mom (me!) is going to need lots and lots of practice before Sophia has pretty combed hair like my Mom and Ouie can do. I have asked a friend (yes I will call you my friend now) about some options but I think I have going to make a purchase at my most favorite story target tonite so I can get this pics on here.

Lets see...what has been going on. Well in great news we had dinner with my Boo on Tuesday night. She is in California for the holidays and sounds like she has been having a great time doing wedding stuff with her sister. (Simi is getting married in November!!) We met out in Ontario and had dinner at BJ's. We exchanges Xmas gifts and Sophia got to spend some quality time with her aunt Boo. I loved watching Sophia with Boo. I can picture Boo as the cool aunt that Sophia looks up to and asks for boy advice from. I really want Boo to be a part of Sophia's life, espcially as a teenager when she will need Boo's blunt honesty. Boo looked great as usual and I was sad to see her go because like always I never know when I am going to see her again. I know she is doing well for herself in Chi-what! but I still wish she would come home.

On Monday Rosie, Patty and Jovan battled traffic and came over to visit Sophia and I. (Joey was at work). We just hung out and played trivial pursuit pop culture edition, ate chocolate and drank cosmos. Well Jovan didnt eat chocolate or drink cosmos. He drank soda, ate too much Carl's Jr and knew all the sport and games questions. (See Comp! I got your back. I am not going to make you look girly on here!) It was so nice just to hang out with friends at my house. I know how awful that drive is and I was so happy that they made it out. They stayed until Sophia had her bath. I had such a great time.

Well I hope to have pictures up soon.

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