Friday, December 30, 2005

Starbuck Friday.

It is Starbucks friday. only because we missed starbucks thursday. It was suppose to work out perfect. Joey was scheduled to work at 2pm today. Which meant that I would have only had Sophia in the office for about 3 hours. Which is way easier to handle than 8-8.5 hours. After the day we had in the office yesterday the thought of only having her for a few hours on Friday is what got me through Thursday. Well on the way to dinner last night Joey got a call from work and someone named Vanessa (who is now on my shit list along with another girl there named Angela) called to switch shifts with Joey. Of course he said yes because thats the kind of guy he is, even though I don't think he has ever asked anyone to switch schedules with him. Come on people, if you can't deal with not having a set schedule then get out of freakin retail. It is not for you. So now Sophia is with me at the office all day and I just cannot enjoy my non-fat vente vanilla latte when there is a kid screaming in the play pen in your office. And she has been crying since we walked in the door. Yes it is nice that Joey will be home early but it means we are probably going to go somewhere and Sophia will be off her bath schedule again. Unlike Joey I plan my entire week in advance according to our schedules. I have let Sophia's dirty bottles pile up because I knew that I would have the evening home to wash them all. It also means that I will be carrying, feeding and changing Sophia all day because apparently there is an unspoken rule that if we are both home then I get to take care of her. The only time I get a break is when I am at work and Joey is home with her. I know, complain, complain complain. It is strange because I hate routine, but also love schedules.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    This is cookoo talk right here.

  2. Just wait Matty. You will know my pain and my need for bath schedules soon enough.

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    A coconut latte would have made it allll go away hehe


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