Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sid Vicious meets Audry Hepburn

Joey is good, very good. Joey made this big deal last week about heading out to buy my Xmas gift. Then he made a big deal about making sure my gift was standing up, not shaken or tilted. I was very curious. On Xmas morning I finally got to open the gift. I ripped open the gift and he had placed it in a Nextel box. So I open the Nextel box, pull out the tissue and there is a Tiffany blue bag. I was so excited. I pulled out the bag and there was a Tiffany blue box with a red satin bow. I opened the box and there was a Tiffany blue suede pouch. You can imagine how much my excitement and curiosity were building at this point! I opened the pouch and spilled a silver chain into my hand. It was the signature Tiffany and Co. chain but it was connected with a lock with the T&Co logo engraved into it. It was perfect. Let me tell you why.

Sid and Nancy and Breakfast at Tiffany's are 2 movies that I love. Sid and Nancy is a movie about the bass player of the Sex Pistols. One of the first punk bands to make a name for themselves in the late 70's. The movie is about Sid Vicious the imfamous bass player and his equally imfamous girlfriend Nancy. Its a twisted punk rock version of romeo and juilet. In he movie there is a scene where they are on a yachet and a reporter is trying to interview a very intoxicated Sid. Nancy puts a chain around his neck and locks it with a lock. He looks at it and says "cool, where the key?" and Nancy says "what key?" and they start cracking up. Now if you do a google image search on Sid Vicious a lot of the pictures you pull up will show him wearing this chain and lock around his neck. Punk rock kids imitate this look still today. Even the lead singer of The Erks sported this. Okay now Breakfast at Tiffany's is a movie about Holly Golightly. A farm girl that come to the city and becomes a socialite who loves and wants something from Tiffany's. Its a great old movie. If you can find it, watch it.

Joey knew that I have always wanted something from Tiffany's. He has 2 little blue boxes from awards he has won. I was so jealous. He bought me a beautiful Tiffany necklace with a punk rock edge. It it perfect.

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