Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas Everyone!

We are in Santa Barbara this morning and we are all sitting in the glow of too much cool stuff! Last night at Nanas house was great. It is amazing how quick the time goes now. I remember being little and it seemed like the night would just drag on and on and midnight would never come. This year we barely got through gag gifts, gift exchange, and Santa (Joey was awsome as Santa!) when midnight struck. Sophia and Angelica of course made out like bandits. Tons of stuff for each of those girls. For the gift exchange Joey and I were very anxious to see who picked our names. Rosie got me and Gaby Jr got Joey. Rosie got me a gift certificate from Victoria Gardens mall. As you all know thats my favorite mall. Got to love Rosie, she knows the perfect gift. Gaby Jr. got Joey and Marines t-shirt. Now he can wear it with pride and tell everyone he has a cousin who is a marine!

Now here was the best part of last night. (Besides Arnie yelling, "Has anyone seen my tampons?") After gag gifts while the whole family was in the living room, Luis (my sisters boyfriend) stood up and said (in spanish so this is a loose translation) "Since everyone is here I want to ask Carissa if she will marry me?" Oh man we were all floored. I looked over at Elaine and she had tears in her eyes just like I did. I am so happy for them. We love Luis and cannot wait to have him as an official family member. Ouie is getting a wonderful husband and Chone is getting a great step-dad. After Ouie said yes Luis put a beautiful ring on her finger. The whole family filed outside and my uncles serenaded the newly engaged couple and they danced with the whole family cheering. It was so awesome. My parents were telling us later that when Luis came to their house to ask for my sisters hand he stood in the same place, and my Mom was even cooking just like when Joey asked them for mine. It is now a race to see who gets to the altar first. Or if we can convince Elaine and Mikey we could just have a triple wedding! Joey would like that. Less people looking at him.

We are going to have breakfast get ready and head out to Grandparents Lerma's house for more Xmas fun. I cannot believe all the stuff we have for Sophia. After everything has calmed down I will let you know about some of our gifts. But mine from Joey did come in a little blue box!!

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