Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Work From Work Mom

Okay you know how you have the stay at home moms, and the working moms. Well I am both. See I am a work from work Mom. I bring Sophia to the office almost everyday. We work our 8 hours and then go home. My boss is amazing and suggested that I bring her. Now this is a mixed blessing. We dont have to worry about day care (and the day care out here is awful, we looked into it) and I get to be with her everyday. But the hard part is that I still have a ton of work to get down at the office. It is so difficult to answer phones, make menus or even do the simple everyday tasks like making the morning coffee with a baby attached to you. She has good days and bad days. Today has been a bad bad day. She is screaming like crazy and wont sit by herself. I have my office set up for her. I have a bouncer for her to sleep in and a play mat for her to play on and even one of those fancy exersaucer things. But of course she will only sit in it for a few minutes even though she has about 5000 toys to play with. I know that I shouldn't complain but this work from work mom thing is tough. There are many moms who go out and work 8 hours and come home and take care of the baby and the house. And thats a tough job. There are moms who stay home and take care of thier kids 24/7. And thats tough too. I get to do both at the same time.

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