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Friday, November 11, 2005

Casey and the M Show

Okay so I work in an office everyday. On my desk I have a digital clock alarm/radio. I listen to Casey and the M Show every morning.The funniest show I heard was during the Michael Jackson trial. The latest one. So it was the day that Jackson was late to court. As they watched the news Casey kept me updated. When it came down to a few minutes before the judges deadline they started to play "Distance" by Cake. For those of you not familiar with Cake some of the lyrics are "he's going the distance. he's going for speed". A very fitting song for the situation at hand. Jackson had just minutes to be at the court house and Casey was screaming over the song things like, "HE HAS 15 SECOND. HES NOT GOING TO MAKE IT". It may sound lame but trust me I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

Well this morning they played "Distance" by Cake again. I had to send them an email about how hilarious that Michael Jackson episode was. And guess what!? He read it ON-THE-AIR!! It was so awsome. I was just sitting here working and I wear, "we got this email from Elissa". He read the whole thing. I know I am a dork. But it was freakin awsome.

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