Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Ones Who Made It All Possible

What a great picture that is! While my cousin Gabriel was home on leave he took this picture. I had to have a copy. Those are my grandparents. My Nana and my Tata. A kid could not have asked for a more loving and supportive pair. I like to think that I got my smarts from my Tata and my sass ( and love of tea and sweet and low) from my Nana. I am their second oldest grandchild. I am one out of well over 30 gradnkids but they have always made each and everyone one of us feel special. My Nana won't eat after 4pm and my Tata always has a western themed book and a pen and notepad with him. If you look at the picture close you can see what lingers behind the smiles and what is always on the back of my entire families mind. On the tray next to my Tata's chair there is a bunch of medications. See over a year ago my Tata was diagnosed with diabetes. A pretty common illness for Mexican people. Ever since then it seems like it has been constant doctor appointments, hospital trips, and surgeries. I saw my Tata laying in a hospital bed and for the first time he didn't look like that big strong man who use to take us to McDonald's in his truck. He was weak and looked small under all those blankets. I am now dealing with the idea that my Tata is fragile and delicate and needs people to help take care of him. It is something I struggle with daily.

But look closer at the picture and you will also see a picture on his tray. It's a picture of my daughter Sophia from the day she came home from the hospital. I know that even though me and my little family are far away and don't see him as often as I wish we could. That picture of his great-granddaughter brings a smile to his face everyday.

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