Monday, November 07, 2005

A Million Miles Away

that's where Boo lives. Chicago. She moved there a few years ago when California was just too much for her. Well California was not too much, we were too much. See Boo is this all knowing being who everyone comes to for advice on every subject. Before she moved to Chicago she lived in San Diego. (Man I love that place!) I use to visit her often. We would spend the days at malls, or eating sandwiches with too much basil at cafes on the beach, or even sipping mojitos on a patio overlooking the ocean. We would spend the nights clubbing downtown, eating at fancy restaurants, or sometimes just hanging out and watching movies. I have never had a friend quite like my Boo. I can tell her anything. Really. I am not ashamed about anything when it comes to talking to Boo. Even thoughs things you don't even admit to yourself because they are so awful, I admit them to her. For many years she has gone through everything with me and is the only person out there who knows "EVERYTHING". Never once has she jugded me or the decisions I have made. Even when I make a bad choice, (usually going against her advice) she will help me pick up the pieces when it goes wrong (never once saying I told you so). I miss my Boo.

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